Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lecture 3 : Graffiti and street art

Graffiti and street art - lecture 

Originated in the caves at lascaux, France - method of story telling 17,300 years old.

Depicting scenes of everyday life, scratching with animal bones and natural pigments.

Ancient Rome Graffiti, from Pompeii, Italy.

Kilroy lowad  ww2, engraving of Kilroy, Uk slogan ' wot no'

Paris, May 1968- virtual stand still, street battles, civil unrest (Marc Rohan)

Urban graffiti- 1970's, New York 

Evolved alongside hip hop culture, making the language of the streets visible. A presence.

Jean- Micheal Basquiat (same- ohsamo)

Rebelious name, Samo. 1979 was the death of Samo, the character was killed off.
Neo expressionist painting. 
Basquiat was in the fame circle, dated Madonna, acted in films, was a musician in a band, collaborated work with Andy Warhol
He died of a heroin overdose in the 80's 

Keith Haring 'radient baby 1990' , d.i.y art, using materials like chalk and black board, plastics and metals and any found objects.

Mural art, commissioned- subway art

Braking down barriers between high art and low art, expression within work.

John Feckner (broken promises, 1980) worked on old abandonment building space, stencil style graffiti.

Jenny Holzer (times square show, 1980) LCB work, short statements, meaning isn't always apparent within her work.

Tats Cru, 1997, coca cola

Invader- space invader games, mosaic style, weather proof tiles are pixel like, french artist.
- Conceptual element- space invaders on a map, inviting you in to view the work, a journey  visual/virtual exhibition.

Re-emerge of street art:
Banksy - Kate Moss
Shepard Fairy - Obama 

Lecture 2 : Postmodernism

Postmodernism lecture 

Modernism was associated with:
-pushing the world forward (the new)

Postmodernism condition is characterised by:
-disillusionment with the idea of absolute knowledge

But some overlap modernism has expression of modern life, new materials, communication. Of which postmodernism has a reaction of. 

Origins of postmodernism:
Rudolph Pannwits and Leslie Felder

60's: beginnings
70's: established as a term
80's: recognizable style
90's: dominant art, theoretical discourse.
Today: tired and simmering 

Postmodernism terms:
- contra modernism
- after
- artistic and stylistic eclecticism
- the historical era following the modern
- global village

Charles Jencks claimed modernism died 15th July 1972 3:32pm - opinion.

(The demolition of the Pruitt- Igoe development, St Louis.)

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield - Modernist failure

Postmodern designs are not meant to be serious, not following rules, not always form before function. for e.g Future systems 'selfridges' Birmingham

J-F Lytard 'the postmodernism condition' 1979
'incredibly towards meta narratives' 
meta narratives- tantalizing belief systems, result - crisis in confidence 

High art/ Low art divide

Andy Warhol 'Marilyn Monroe Diptych' 1962 - printing on canvas, not perfect, techno misshapes printing.

Andy Warhol 'Oxidation painting' urine on copper metallic. Literally taking this piss out of some art.

Clement Greenborg a critic approves of Jackson Pollock's work, where as Andy Warhol's makes a joke from it. 

Art increasingly turns to advertising

An inconclusion 
- A vague disputed term
- postmodern attitude of questioning
- postmodern aesthtic = multiplicity of styles and approaches
- shift in thought and theory, investigations ' crisis of confidence ' E.g Lytard
- rejection of technology, determination ?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Proverbally yours / Message and interpretation

After researching my proverb definition and images relating to it, i found it hard to design appropriate thumbnails which could develop into posters, i think its relevant to have a direct link to time, as being late is all about being off schedule, i had an idea to go with something straight forward and not complicated, to use a running man vector as a signal/sign to inform the audience that being late is better than never arriving.

Here are some vector images i collected from various websites, i think a bold silhouette could really work well in my designs:

I'm intrigued by informative signs, i think a design inspired by emergency signs would really work for my proverb, here are a few i have collected:

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Proverbally yours / Message and interpretation

For this brief we selected a proverb from the randomiser, in order to create three different posters which which visually identify and interpret the proverb. 

My proverb 'better late than never'

I have researched a little about the meaning of the proverb in order to understand how i could go about designing.
Better late than never is pretty self explanatory. 'To arrive anytime, is better than not arriving at all' for example being late for work is more suitable than not making any effort to get there. 
Even though the proverb seems pretty straight forward, i cant fully get my head around what to do with it. therefore i looked up some dictionary definitions to help me see it in a different context.

-Doing something late is better than not doing it.
-Something that you say which means it is better for someone or something to be late than never to arrive or to happen
-It is good this happened now although it should have happened sooner

Here is some images i have found which connect to 'better late than never'

1. The recognizable large white rabbit is a character from Alice in wonderland's adventures, holding a clock in his hand, worried about being late for an appointment, never the less arrived at his destination but later than planned. 

2. A child like comic drawing, which isn't something i'd normally like but it has a sense of sarcasm to it. When some one arrives at a destination late what they should of been on time, anyone who was expecting them surely wouldn't be pleased nor happy at the fact they were late. I think this image interprets it well, a burning house needs attention sooner rather than later, yet the image clearly says the fireman have arrived late leaving the individual unimpressed.

3. Here is my second example, an informing message in a the format of a card. this could send an array of messages: belated birthday, belated anniversary etc. anything which a message had the means of arriving on time, could be delivered later and still send the message, however late, the message still arrived.

4. Below is an image of a clock, immediately drew my attention as the face has no numbers only dots as a signal of time, the boldest element of the clock is the large text saying 'better late than never' almost a message conveying that not being on time doesn't matter, as long as you arrive at your destination at some time, pointless purpose of a clock, perhaps guessing then number of ticks the hand makes in an hour would help to be when ever?

Here are some other images i came across which i think may help me develop some ideas for my posters:

Alot of images I've came across tend to have a clock or something referring to being in a rush being them main focus point, i think i should look further into people who are always against the clock, avoiding being late. 

Stereotypical people never want  to be late/get punished for being late tend to be school children, people rushing to work, those who tend to get stuck in traffic at the most inconvenient time.

I think from looking at images which relate directly to better late than never i can further my research.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Alphabet Soup / Typeface

Here is some further research i came across, art deco posters designed by 'Rodolforever'.

I love these designs, from the use of colour, the geometric shapes which create intense and striking imagery. The designs which i find attractive and relevant are the super hero themed, in addition the batman illustration and posters.

After looking greatly at Rodolforever's work i have designed to create my typeface with huge inspiration from these posters, the look and style is just what i'd like in my font to describe Andy.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Alphabet Soup / Typeface

I came across a designer called Fabian Gonzalez who has used typography to depict and A - Z alphabet of superhero characters, each letter stands for an individual hero, e.g A for Aqua man B for Bat man etc. 
I really like the idea of an individual character owning a letter, the use of colour is most appealing, use of type is legible, and looks like a stylish superhero typeface.
Fabian Gonzalez- ABC Superheros

Another influence to my designs may be to incorporate elements of each hero into the alphabet rather than develop a character for each letter and glyph, i believe this approach will be less time consuming, and will let me adventure more with hero logos, silhouettes  structure and comic fonts to develop and design a new typeface. 
. . . . . ...
Here is another typeface i came across during research, a typeface designed by Greg Smith, effectively this is a font i would like to use as a foundation idea. 

Greg Smith - Spider Typeface
Upper case or Lower case ?!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Alphabet Soup / Typeface

After reading through the questionnaire, i picked up two main aspects that me and Andy talked about most:
1. Russell Brand
2. his love for comics

I have gathered some research which i believe will help me develop an understanding of how to create an alphabet and glyphs which describes Andy as a character, as well as using characterization in the making.  

Brand - notably know for his eccentric on/off stage character, and without a doubt the wacky hair style, i think an typeface based around this could be really adventurous and over all effective. 

Superheroes - top 10 most iconic superheroes
1. Super man
2. Spider man
3. Batman
4. Wolverine
5. The Hulk
6. Wonder woman
7. Green Lantern
8. Captain America
9. Spawn
10. Punisher 

I've decided that i want to look into the top three superheros (super man, spider man  batman) acknowledge their iconic status, style, look and symbolism.