Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Alphabet Soup / Typeface

I came across a designer called Fabian Gonzalez who has used typography to depict and A - Z alphabet of superhero characters, each letter stands for an individual hero, e.g A for Aqua man B for Bat man etc. 
I really like the idea of an individual character owning a letter, the use of colour is most appealing, use of type is legible, and looks like a stylish superhero typeface.
Fabian Gonzalez- ABC Superheros

Another influence to my designs may be to incorporate elements of each hero into the alphabet rather than develop a character for each letter and glyph, i believe this approach will be less time consuming, and will let me adventure more with hero logos, silhouettes  structure and comic fonts to develop and design a new typeface. 
. . . . . ...
Here is another typeface i came across during research, a typeface designed by Greg Smith, effectively this is a font i would like to use as a foundation idea. 

Greg Smith - Spider Typeface
Upper case or Lower case ?!

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