Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Alphabet Soup / Typeface

After reading through the questionnaire, i picked up two main aspects that me and Andy talked about most:
1. Russell Brand
2. his love for comics

I have gathered some research which i believe will help me develop an understanding of how to create an alphabet and glyphs which describes Andy as a character, as well as using characterization in the making.  

Brand - notably know for his eccentric on/off stage character, and without a doubt the wacky hair style, i think an typeface based around this could be really adventurous and over all effective. 

Superheroes - top 10 most iconic superheroes
1. Super man
2. Spider man
3. Batman
4. Wolverine
5. The Hulk
6. Wonder woman
7. Green Lantern
8. Captain America
9. Spawn
10. Punisher 

I've decided that i want to look into the top three superheros (super man, spider man  batman) acknowledge their iconic status, style, look and symbolism.

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