Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Context of practice - Task 1 Love/Hate

For this module, we were asked to give 5 examples of graphic design that we loved or hated, here are the ones i chose.

1. Beck's London underground map
The piece which harry beck designed is exactly what you would want it to be, it's a map simply showing you how to get from one place to the other through a colour systematic rail line. I LOVE this deign because its remember able, easy to follow, its now an iconic depiction of London. It's form and function is perfected by the fact it's simple, effective and neat.

2. T- mobile dance
I LOVE the T- mobile, life's for sharing advert! Credits go to saatchi & saatchi, numerous art directors, producers etc, the idea is brilliant, an uplifting, high energizing, memorable event in the form of advertising.

3. Stefan Sagmeister AIGA Detroit poster
This poster draws me in and repels me at the same time. I understand the concept of the design; that the process of making something is sometimes painful, and doesn't always work out right, and that in creating the poster itself, there was a process of getting undressed, exposing nudity, inflicting pain, waiting for time to pass, for scabs to heel to then send a message to the viewers through the writing that is carved onto his own body. However after that entire process, the writing doesn't interest or even attract my attention, it's only the fact that he has inflicted pain to himself for the sake of process, too which i still cant fully understand what the design even means literally. too confusing therefore i HATE this design!

4. Oasis 'Dig out your soul' album cover
This is my favourite album by my much-loved band Oasis! the sleeve is a mixture of college, surreal comic like art and pop art, all of which i really like. I LOVE the vintage style of the design that Julian House has made, and i'm quite interested in art the advertises music, something i would like to investigate in the future.

5. London 2012 olympics logo
Dire Logo/ Hilarious imagery. HATE

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