Monday, 10 October 2011

Lecture 1 : Modernity and Modernism

Modernity and modernism lecture

Terms - modern and modernity mean industrialisation, urbanisation, the city.

Modern artists response - a change in culture or a difference in life.

Psychology and subjective experience.
Modern art and photography.
modernism in design.

William Holman Hunt: The Hireling Shepard (1852)

This was described as modern art at the time, especially the use of colour. vivid and attention to detail, made Hunt's work famous. 
Modern - progressing - improvement.

The modern world - Paris was a radical city. (1700) process of modernity began. The eiffel tower is definitely considered modern art.

There was a shift from rural faming environments to more industrial.

John ruskin was considered a modern painter in the (1800's), he was described the new. He was the leading art critic who discussed whether contemporary life was good or bad.

Modern inventions:
Modernism in design
Anti- historicism
Form follows function
Internationalism - a language of design that could be understood 
International basis
San serif - modernist

Modernism - Experimental innovation, individual, orginality.

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