Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lecture 2 : Postmodernism

Postmodernism lecture 

Modernism was associated with:
-pushing the world forward (the new)

Postmodernism condition is characterised by:
-disillusionment with the idea of absolute knowledge

But some overlap modernism has expression of modern life, new materials, communication. Of which postmodernism has a reaction of. 

Origins of postmodernism:
Rudolph Pannwits and Leslie Felder

60's: beginnings
70's: established as a term
80's: recognizable style
90's: dominant art, theoretical discourse.
Today: tired and simmering 

Postmodernism terms:
- contra modernism
- after
- artistic and stylistic eclecticism
- the historical era following the modern
- global village

Charles Jencks claimed modernism died 15th July 1972 3:32pm - opinion.

(The demolition of the Pruitt- Igoe development, St Louis.)

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield - Modernist failure

Postmodern designs are not meant to be serious, not following rules, not always form before function. for e.g Future systems 'selfridges' Birmingham

J-F Lytard 'the postmodernism condition' 1979
'incredibly towards meta narratives' 
meta narratives- tantalizing belief systems, result - crisis in confidence 

High art/ Low art divide

Andy Warhol 'Marilyn Monroe Diptych' 1962 - printing on canvas, not perfect, techno misshapes printing.

Andy Warhol 'Oxidation painting' urine on copper metallic. Literally taking this piss out of some art.

Clement Greenborg a critic approves of Jackson Pollock's work, where as Andy Warhol's makes a joke from it. 

Art increasingly turns to advertising

An inconclusion 
- A vague disputed term
- postmodern attitude of questioning
- postmodern aesthtic = multiplicity of styles and approaches
- shift in thought and theory, investigations ' crisis of confidence ' E.g Lytard
- rejection of technology, determination ?

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