Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lecture 3 : Graffiti and street art

Graffiti and street art - lecture 

Originated in the caves at lascaux, France - method of story telling 17,300 years old.

Depicting scenes of everyday life, scratching with animal bones and natural pigments.

Ancient Rome Graffiti, from Pompeii, Italy.

Kilroy lowad  ww2, engraving of Kilroy, Uk slogan ' wot no'

Paris, May 1968- virtual stand still, street battles, civil unrest (Marc Rohan)

Urban graffiti- 1970's, New York 

Evolved alongside hip hop culture, making the language of the streets visible. A presence.

Jean- Micheal Basquiat (same- ohsamo)

Rebelious name, Samo. 1979 was the death of Samo, the character was killed off.
Neo expressionist painting. 
Basquiat was in the fame circle, dated Madonna, acted in films, was a musician in a band, collaborated work with Andy Warhol
He died of a heroin overdose in the 80's 

Keith Haring 'radient baby 1990' , d.i.y art, using materials like chalk and black board, plastics and metals and any found objects.

Mural art, commissioned- subway art

Braking down barriers between high art and low art, expression within work.

John Feckner (broken promises, 1980) worked on old abandonment building space, stencil style graffiti.

Jenny Holzer (times square show, 1980) LCB work, short statements, meaning isn't always apparent within her work.

Tats Cru, 1997, coca cola

Invader- space invader games, mosaic style, weather proof tiles are pixel like, french artist.
- Conceptual element- space invaders on a map, inviting you in to view the work, a journey  visual/virtual exhibition.

Re-emerge of street art:
Banksy - Kate Moss
Shepard Fairy - Obama 

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