Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Context of practice - Task 4 Bibliography

Essay question:
'Advertising doesn't sell things; all advertising does is change the way people think or feel' (Jeremy Bullmore). Evaluate this statement with reference to selected critical theories (past and present).

Books of use:
  • -Caples.J, Revised by Hahn.E, (1997) 'Tested Advertising Methods, fifth edition', US, Prentice Hall
  • -White, R (1980) 'Advertising what is it and how to do it', Berkshire UK, McGraw Hill
  • -Goddard, A (1998) 'The Language of Advertising', USA and Canada, Routledge
  • -Phillips.J.M (1997) 'Ethics & Manipulation in Advertising', Westport, CT, US, Greenwood Publishing Group Inc.
  • -Zyman.S, (2000), 'The End of Advertising as we Know it.', New Jersey, US, John Wiley & Sons Inc

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