Friday, 4 November 2011

Proverbally yours / Message and delivery

Our new brief is to develop a message/opinion in response to the previous proverbally yours brief, to which so i have to link my proverb ' better late than never' to the occupation of being a plumber.

Here are 10 random points of information about a plumber:

1. A plumber is a trades person
2. They specialize in the installation and repair pipes
3. Pipes often carry water, gas, sewage and waste water
4. Plumbers must take a licensing exams before establishing their own business
5. The term plumber dates from ancient times
6. The word plumber originated from the Latin word 'plum-bum' - which means lead
7. Common problems for plumbers to fix may be rattling pips or loss of hot water
8. The average yearly wage for a plumber is £20-30,000
9. Nintendo super Mario brothers are probably the worlds most famous plumbers
10. Rock star Ozzy Osborne was a plumbers apprentice before making it in the music industry

Here are the three chosen points i chose to share with my blog group:

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