Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jo's task

MM Paris

-Mathias Augustyniak  and Michael Amzalag met 22 years ago while both were students in Paris. 14 years ago. 
-Together, they founded M/M (Paris) in 1992
-The pair work in many realms, most prominently art direction for fashion, but work within music, art, film, publication design and experimental typography.
- They have an immensely impressive list of clients that includes the likes of Prada, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Madonna, Vogue Paris, Adidas and many more. Perhaps their most recognisable pieces are those of an illustrative approach.

I admire that they work in the world of music, art and fashion; what I’d like to do.
I like the creative visual structure of their work
Drippy, dreamy dynamic work

Bec Winnel

-Bec is a self taught artist and illustrator with formal training in Graphic Design through Swinburne University in Melbourne, where she now lives.
-Her unique, delicate and soft portraits are dosed with sensuality and emotion, and created by blending layer upon layer of colour pencil, graphite and pastel. 
-Her work has been described as reminiscent of vintage Victorian postcards and like melancholy souls staring out at you through disguised, beautiful faces.
-Bec works full time as a graphic designer and in her spare time, works as an illustrator and artist, exhibiting her work in group shows when she can. She is currently working towards her first solo show in early 2011.

I particularly like her portraiture work because of the gentle and elusive detail put into the work to create such attractive illustrations
The fairy tale touch
Pastel colours make the image quite alluring
I’m fond of the vintage flair she emits

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