Tuesday, 24 January 2012

10 graphic products

Packaging ideas
These packaging ideas aren't necessarily based around a camera, but i just wanted to collect a variety of styles, shapes and ways of organizing content for my 10 graphic products.

Here are a few ideas i am interested in, i want make products that have a clear relation to photography techniques in order to make the design practical and useful.

Polaroid branding

In 1958, Polaroid hired graphic designer Paul Giambarba to help them develop a new visual brand that would separate them from Kodak. What Paul designed was a simple, beautiful and unique visual language. At its core was a color bar system and sans-serif typeface that is still recognizable today. The typeface used in the branding is News Gothic, by Morris Fuller Benton.

Apparently the old Apple logo used the same percentages of process colours as the Polaroid logo.

Here are some flat pack packaging ideas i have collected, these are the type of designs i will mock up and eventually create for my final product pack.

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