Monday, 27 February 2012

Context of practice - Manifesto

We had a workshop with Jo which consisted of exposing our mind onto a piece of paper, the task was to write non-stop and let our mind unveil any thoughts that came up first. As interesting as it was to see what I had wrote about (mainly food) I couldn’t really read my own writing as we were asked to change to our opposite writing hand. Never the less I was intrigued by the task and from this we had a group discussion and talked about the qualities we have as graphic designers and as individuals, like and dislikes about ourselves personally and professionally.  

What is a manifesto?
''A manifesto is a document which sets forth the principles and goals of an organization. Typically, a manifesto is designed to be widely distributed to the public, and it serves as an official declaration.''

Examples of manifestos:
Here are a few images i have collected to give me a head start on what kind of themes i should be writing about myself.

Personal Manifesto:
Manage my time more efficiently.
Listen to my parents, they know best.
Live the teenage life, you’re not 19 forever.  
Work harder and achieve my goals.
Enjoy things while they last.
Practice makes perfect.
Improve my-self motivation.
Try new things and meet new people.
Get good then even better.
Do what I love most, taking photographs.
Collect memorabilia. 

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