Thursday, 1 March 2012

Communication is a virus

Communication is a virus - how does it spread?
For this brief we are working as a group (Myself, Emily, Josh, Kate and Sophia), the idea is to communicate the following 'Get people to try something new'.

Here is some research i have gathered in order to give ourselves knowledge about types of music.

Comedy music
Electronic (Drum and bass, electro pop, dub music, acid jazz, rave, dance-punk, dance-rock, euro trance, house, techno, two step, bass-line).
Folk (Modern, british, indie, contemporary, techno, freak, american).
Hip Hop (old, new, free style, gansta, ghetto, grim, rap).
Pop (Dance, disco, electro, teen).
RnB (contemporary, deep, disco, northern)
Rock (alternative, indie, blues, glam, funk, folk, surf, punk, screamo).
Ska (dub, reggae, two tone)
And many more ..

Here are some photographs i have taken, of posters around Leeds which advertise nights out at different venues.

Flyers promoting events at venues:




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