Thursday, 1 March 2012

Context of practice- Theory into practice task


In preparation for the first studio session of part 2 of this module, you are asked to re-evaluate the content of your design context blog to date and Identify 10 significant pieces of source material that you have found interesting, relevant to your own creative interests and worthy of further investigation. You may want to consider the following terms throughout this process:

  • Critical analysis - good questions, challenges.
  • Aesthetics - what satisfies you & why?
  • Designers - taste, inspiration, interpretation.
  • Audience - stereotyping, identity, appropriate inquiry.
  • Manifestos - passion for a subject, making decisions, taking control.
  • Chronologies - what happened when and what was its effect?
Your source material should represent a range of sources and 'types' of information (images, quotes, statements, texts etc.) and be supported by reasons why you have selected it. You should aim to represent your broader creative and contextual interests as well as key influences and current/historical events.

Research Sources / Further Information

You should refer to your existing research and tasks represented across all of your blogs, but also use this as an opportunity to extend individual lines of enquiry and identify new material.

Mandatory Requirements / Deliverables

10 specified examples of source material as outlined above.(printed)
Additional critical analysis and support material posted to your design context blog.
Clearly articulated reasons as to why you have selected the material.


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