Friday, 16 March 2012

RSA Postage Stamps_Entries

Here are a few designs i have found of RSA entries to the Royal Mail special stamp competition. I find these stamps visually affective and appealing, i think they work well and deliver the message fully.
RSA: STAMPS - WINNER ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN- A series of six stamps that expose the negative side of nuclear and non-renewable energy. Aimed to draw the attention to the plight of global warming and environmental issues and encourage people to think for themselves about how they implicate these results with their own actions.

Raising aweness of how little renewable energy is used in the world. Each stamp shows how much that energy is used in the world.
These stamps are aimed at the alternative of saving energy and money around the house.

“Alternative Energy” – A pack of stamps regarding alternative energy and the way to go forward. The idea is that the sender chooses the alternative side in colours and tears it off for use while discarding the unwanted half.

The theme was alternative energy sources & energy conservation.

 I like this collection in particular, i think the process of making the stamps looks fun and creative, and it's something i may consider exploring for my designs.


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