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Theory into practice: Anatomy of a typeface

Anatomy of a typeface - Anatomy within type

To further my understanding of type i have decided to research artists/ designers who have used elements of the human body to design letter forms, i am intrigued by this approach as i have i would like to design my own typeface based upon modern fonts and their role in fashion advertising i would like to also illustrate the elements of fashion models into the design as a play of art and text. 

Geoffroy Tory

 Born in Bourges around 1480 and died in Paris before 14 October 1533, was a French humanist and an engraver, best known for adding written letters in French. His life's work has heavily influenced French publishing to this day.

He related the proportions in letters to proportions in the human body in Champ-fleury, auquel est contenu l'art et science de la vraie proportion des lettres antiques selon le corps et visage humain (Paris, 1529). 

Giovannino de Grassi

Medieval manuscripts, the early wholly drawings work of - Giovannino de Grassi

Bjohn Johansson

Kristin Bonnet

Intrigued by anatomy and physiology, this typeface was designed as a homage to the intricacies of the human body. The type specimen poster is representative of the style anatomical documentation. If existing only as letters, there is no cohesion, but, like the human body, if all systems are put together the letters are easily seen as such.

Aprile - The unfinished body typeface

"The alphabet compares our culture with medieval folk culture where life and death was the same thing and always happened simultaneously. Bakhtin argues that the grotesque ornament was the ultimate symbol for this, where human, animal and plant form intertwined."

Bone fracture alphabet

An Illustrated Alphabet by Jakub Konvica

Photocopied Hand Typography

Handschrift is an experimental typeface by designer José Ernesto Rodriguez out of Berlin who created each letterform with a single photocopy of his hands. (via typegoodness)

Wearable Lettering

Wearable Lettering is a project by designer Amandine Alessandra. She also created this niftyclock and website for Optimus Kanguru Kolors using the same concept of wearable typography. (via quipsologies)

The Person You Love Is 72.8% Water

A lovely print by Teagan White, available over at Society6 in a variety of shapes and sizes. (vialet’s love art)

A Hand-Painted Typographic Experiment by Tien-Min Liao

Handmade Type is a typographic experiment by designer Tien-Min Liao wherein shapes painted on her hands are transformed by gestures to create letterforms. However she gave herself a unique constraint: the painted figures on her hands for each individual letter had to be utilized for all variations of the letter, both upper and lowercase and sometimes even italic and handwritten. See more examples and the full alphabet over on Behance.

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