Tuesday, 6 March 2012

WHAT/ IS/ A/ LINE? Existing Merchandise

I have decided to look at existing products around to get a flavour of what i want to go with, colour schemes, website ideas, logos, branding, layout etc.

Crystal Castles - Existing merchandise:




In mid 2008 Torontoist blog published stories about Crystal Castles' use of Trevor Brown's artwork without permission. The image, depicting a black-eyed Madonna was used by the band on merchandise. The issue was resolved after the band bought the rights to use the image from Brown.

The uprising creative designed and developed the merchandise for Crystal Castles when they released their second album, the designs created were collaborations with the band and a print partner from The uprising Creative team. 

Other merchandise uprising has created for artists in the music industry:

I particularly like the posters they have designed, the illustration work and choice of colours/ stock and type is something i need to take into consideration when designing my products for 'what is a line'. I have noticed that the Crystal Castles merchandise is very dark and gloomy imagery and design, designers tend to stick to black white and one other colour- this conveys Crystal Castles to a T. 

 I could perhaps look into album cover designs for the advertising aspect of my products, to tying with the entire theme as i am looking to re-brand, this all depends on time management.

 I particularly like this poster for my own taste, looks vintage and very me, i would perhaps look into this type of design for a personal project, the style it cool. 

Sources: http://crystalcastles.kungfustore.com/


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