Tuesday, 6 March 2012

WHAT/ IS/ A/ LINE? C.C Theme

Problem analysis - Rationale
Like - Crystal Castles     Line - Stitching     Logic - Publication/ Photography

Brief: What is the problem you intend to solve?
I would like to rebrand and design merchandise for the band Crystal Castles based around stitching.

Who needs to know? Who is your audience? Be concise no more than ten words.
People who listen to Crystal Castles, gig/ festival goers - fans

What do they need to know? Be clear and specific.
How to craft the t-shirt themselves, by following designs of a stitching pattern on the face of the t-shirt.
These t-shirts could be a great product for people to get involved with and wear to their favourite gig - Crystal Castles.

What will they respond to? How will they connect/ understand the outcome?
My idea is to create a website, face book page or poster advertising the new re-branded crystal castles merchandise, its concept is based around the game dot to dot whereby you follow the dots to create your very own stitched image. (variety of images to choose from).

What research is required? What do you need to know in order to complete this brief to the fullest potential?
Primary: Survey to ask people to see where they would be interests in crafting their own t-shirts.
Secondary: Look into existing branding/ merchandise. Design companys for merchandise/ designers.

*Alternatively screen print the t-shirts if but still follow a 'line' process (dot to dot pattern, star line, jigsaw puzzle or something relevant to Crystal Castles) or screen print photography of my own from CC gigs on to the t- shirts and posters. 

Crystal Castles - Background research

Crystal Castles are a Canadian electronic band formed in 2004 in Toronto, consisting of producer Ethan Kath and lyricist and vocalist Alice Glass. Crystal Castles are known for their chaotic live shows and their lo-fi home productions.
Crystal Castles musical style has been described as "ferocious, asphyxiating sheets of warped two-dimensional Gameboy glitches and bruising drum bombast that pierces your skull with their sheer shrill force, burrowing deep into the brain like a fever."
To listen to Crystal Castles, according to the BBC, "is to be cast adrift in a vortex of deafening pain without a safety net. You get the feeling you could do anything in the world, but that 'anything' would ultimately mean nothing. Crystal Castles marks a nuanced emotional territory that dance music never covered before."

Here are a few gif images i have collected, i would like to look further into making a couple of these myself perhaps for a cargocollective page or a tumblr

Crystal Castles imagery
A few images for various photoshoots or gigs, these maybe useful for creating my own imagery for the designs i would like to produce for the merchandise.

Sources: http://wearecrystalcastles.tumblr.com/

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