Monday, 22 October 2012

Design for web: Good and bad web designs

Good Design

1. Vaut 49 - Design agency

The page layout is simple and affective, use of black text on a white back ground makes any imagery on the page stand out most. Clear photographs of work is shown on the website and vibrant use of colour throughout. 

2. Si Scott Studio

Chic design, looks clean cut and stylish. Ways to move around the page include clicking on icons, text as well as a scrolling. Good use of categorised albums to show different aspects of design. 

3. Topshop - Clothing website

Topshop is a very popular brand, its website has elements of fashion and stylising to match with the clothes it sells. It looks trendy in the sense there is models, fashion photography and image styling all over the pages. The gadgets are clearly labeled for you to select an area to search within. Many of the pages associate the web design along with garments, makeup ideas or fashion styling. Effective use of image viewing with a scroll option is also on most of the pages.

4. I-D Magazine online

5. Oleg Dou - Photographers website

6. Designspiration

7. The XX - Music website

8. Canal Mills - Music venue website

8. Patrizio Di Renzo - Photographers website

9. Bestival - Music festival website

10. Laura Laine - Fashion illustrators website
One of my favourite illustrators as well as web designs, it's clear to see the relevance of the site is to showcase Laine drawings, the simple layout and selection choices make the site easy to view, use and navigate your way around. Limited yet relevant text is also used.

Bad Design

1. Tesco online
Potentially the worst and most unusable website i've visited in my life (personal preference), i find it complicated and cluttered, the function of the web design seems hard to use for such a simple task as doing a food shop.

2. Illustrated people - Clothing company
Illustrated people have design some quirky clothing for Urban Outfitters and Topshop, however there website design completely lets the brand down; the use of glittery fonts and pixelated images make the brand look cheap and tacky. There is also navigation and page problems on the site which seems silly considering a user needs to view any are of the site.

3. Lush - Handmade cosmetics online
I love the shop lush, i think the look of the store and the branding of the products is cool, however i'm not so keen on the website as i don't think its necessary for all the stand out images and large fonts used as it makes a prolific brand look cheap.  The below image shows a more subtle and relating design for the web and the products.

4. Rokit - Vintage clothing website
The clothing shop Rokit has more allure as apposed to this website, the design of it looks bland and boring, nothing stands out to be second hand or vintage. The clothing they are selling would be more attractive if the web site drew you in, perhaps something more chic would be suited for the design theme and better photographs of the garments were posted. 

5. Irregular choice - Shoe gallery
I'm not a fan of this web design purely because it's a shoe website and there is only three miniature floating images of shoes, the rest of the imagery is bursting out of the screen with the theme of 'tackiness'. I think the (bad) web design is a distraction from how bad the shoes really are which site is selling. 

6. Ryanair - Flights website
I've browsed and thought about booking flights once before on this website, and the look of it alone swayed my decision. There is nothing excited on this design, the layout is scattered and the colour choices seem random. The use of bright yellow says nothing to me but caution, keep off this site.  

7. Primark
There's nothing attractive about this web design, the red to pink gradient in the background is used to make the sight seem less boring as theres nothing appealing about the content on it.

8. Heat - Magazine online
I think because the magazine is called heat the designers of the website have tried to emphasise 'heat' throughout the design by using red fonts everywhere, i'm not keen or drawn into any specific subjects to read as there is too many blocks of text and lack of bold titles.

9. Project free tv
Surprisingly this is one of my favourite website purely because i can watch tv, films and series catch ups on here (when it works) however the colour choice, layout and fonts are awful. I assume who ever designed it wasn't fussed about its style appeal, more concerned as to whether the video played or not. The one main problem with this website is the constant popups and audios playing in the background whilst your attempting to watch a video.

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