Monday, 22 October 2012

Seminar 2: The gaze and the media

Individuals as subjects tend to objectify other people, vice versa. Reciprocity.
Power and domination.
Patriarchal ideal of femininity.
Female: Passive/ submissive. 

Hans Memling 'Vanity' (1485)

Woman is portrayed to be vain, peering at her own reflection as the viewer looks at her. A sense of women degradation in the image. 
Paintings like these were painted and consumed by men, they had the dominant status. Power over women.
Period of time were the nudes were accepted as a form of art. Naked women in images were seen as an ultimate male fantasy, the masculine control of the feminine.
Woman's body were said to be 'more beautiful'. Opinion not fact. 

Alexandre Cabanel 'The birth of venus '(1863)

Fantasy image, however made by real people and seen by real people.
The notion of the image is removed from any reality of sex and real society. 
Submissive art.

Edouard Manet 'Olympia'
Realistic imagery.
Prostitute posing, she is a person and an equal.
Scandals at the time because it depicted and everyday event.
Assertive and powerful.
Image portrays a cat in the lower corner, an independent animal. 

Titian's Venus of Urbino (1538)

Invitingly looks at the viewer.
A dog is depicted in the lower corner of the image, a sign of wealth and domination. 

''I cant cook. Who cares'' - Wonderbra ad

Woman is stood and is acting very dominant.
Posing like a male character (police man, lumber jack etc)
Assertive woman. 

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