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What is design for print: Study task 1 /Primary research

Today i decided to visit the library and take out some books that would be useful for first hand research, there are a lot of websites that have amazing work on but i think a trip to the library is always a good choice to get a different range of research.

I mainly wanted to dig a little deeper into branding and identity and packaging, as they are two sectors i wish to explore more this year, here are a few photos from the books i found.

Cool Brands


In this book i have took photos of the type of branding i would like to experiment designing or because i like the concept of the work.

Section: Innovation, style, desirability

Anna Sui

Anna Sui is a quirky, successful and classic American brand. I particularly was drawn to this page as perfume bottle design and packaging is an area of design that i would love to go into. I certainly like the signature fragrances as they look aesthetically pleasing, the colour system is appropriate and have a magical motif about them due to the attachment of roses and fairies. 


I'm not a fan of Becks beers, how ever i think their branding approach is very visually affective, especially in this advertisement. The way they have photographed the bottle and added graphical illusions in the background is something i want to play with, i feel i work a lot in vector design and would like to move onto more photographed based thing to play with photoshop more. I'm also a fan of the design method as they have a contemporary attitude to design and have worked worked with artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and the Chapman brothers to name but the few have worked on an  unusual canvas - designing limited edition bottle labels. 

Beyond the valley

Beyond the valley are a business set up by a collective of graduate designers from Central Saint Martins , they decided to launch their own spring board of creatives, and the result ended up as a chain of stores in London. The concept store which they initially opened had a gallery and working space for them all to design innovative and unique designs ready to sell in store, this expanded to the point where they were working with international clients and collaborating with other designers and expanding their business to other areas of the globe. The stores content includes fashion products, one off home gifts, furniture, wallpaper etc. The essence of Beyond the valley has always been 'hands on'. The commercial growth of this business if something i would love to be part of, an exploration of design, business and travell being the main components of a job. I love how the creativity in this business has no limits or restrictions too, that is something i completely admire and plan to aim for the future. 


"Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel shaped and styled the 20th century fashion through a creative tour-de-force, imparting along the way her legacy of modernity and chic".

Chanel has an appeal of many thing from, modernity to luxury to personality. The brand is one of a kind, the creative touch captured throughout the products is what makes the brand so distinctive and famous. The signature Chanel No. 5 perfume was emerged together by Coco Chanel and legendary perfumer Ernest Beaux, it was made to reflect Coco Chanel's personality: abstract and unique, this product has been distributed all around the world since 1921 and it is still appreciated now as it was then. This is the type of branding i admire, one that leaves a trademark in history, something similar to an work of art. The subtle typography used int he logo and packaging for the perfume product is what give it its contemporary and non dated appeal. 

Dazed & Confused

Dazed & Confused are an editorial magazine which has strong associations with fashion, music, photography, film and illustration. They are a proud and independent company who distribute to many countries, admirers and imitators all over the world. Their iconic magazine is more than just a physical object to look through it's an interactive piece which gives the viewer an insight to the realm of influence from, famous fashion photographers, to aspiring designers and illustrators, to the upcoming musicians to the high profile actors who are in the best current movies. The Magazine and website provides a perception to the creative sphere. I believe Dazed & confused are the most influential monthly magazine in the world, they never rest on repetition, always engage with the new generation and expose the influential individuals to encourage and inspire others. This is the kind of magazine i would love to work for one day, exploring fashion, music, film, art and literature with in design for the public. 


Buddhistunk are a rock and roll fashion house, they are majorly print based are take advantage of the punk phase to to develop 'out there' designs. They have collaborated professionally and privately, whether for stage, merchandise, publicity or own person wardrobes, they have designed for the biggest names in the music industry - The Prodigy, The Gossip, Gary Numan, The rolling Stone, Guns and Roses, Iggy Pop and man more. There style of design is what drew my attention, i am a fan of pop culture, iconography and a follower of rock and roll fashion. I am eager to develop a body of work that could be sold as merchandise for other brands, or to develop a brand of my own and sell unique t-shirts.

Goldsmiths University of London

Goldsmiths are a university know for their way of learning encouraging freedom to experiment, to think  independently are to be solitary. They say they aren't just a school of art because they break down the traditional boundaries and promote expression, in a sense much like the way they advertise the sculpture 'scribble' on the Ben Pimlott building which is now part if the South East London sky line, this type of art, architecture and out door sculpture is a way of engaging and drawing attention to the public as well as making a statement of who they are and why they exist. I have always loved fine art from a young age, and methods of designing and branding in this way is something i would never dismiss. 


Innocent are a fruit juice company who are know for their 'taste good, feel good' drinks, the business originated by three friends wanting to make great fruit juices. From the bottom they worked their way up to the point where they are recognised for making the UK's best soft drinks. This kind of innovation has gained accolades for the brand, a brand like this seems very desirable to work for, a brand that understands the audience, the products and the design to appeal. 

Unique Packaging

Another book i looked through was Unique Packaging, the reason for this was because i wanted another source to look at when researching for packaging, this book is really useful and i have came across a few special packaging designs. Below are a few images to show the type of packaging design i find inspiring. 

Mr Lee - Design Bridge

The well known brand of Norwegian noodles Mr Lee, which was invented and thrived by Korean Chol Ho Lee is a brand and packaging style i like due to the development of the packagings characteristic. Originally a real image was used as the face of the brand, which was then developed to a unique illustrated version, the result being ingenious leading the brand to be internationally recognised and winner of prestigious awards. The development of ideas is always something to bare in mind to get the best results. 

Stephanie Marais - Sergio Calatroni Artroom

The main concept behind the designers cosmetics is change, the used of recycled containers to develop a change in appearance on the products, this method is in place because when stocks run out there is always a new look for the next to be distributed. This also makes each product exclusive and individual, and reduces production costs and separates it from most packaging. This concept is something i should bare in mind when designing packaging, considering the costs, production and distribution as well as design. 

Shok - Amen Epoxy | Illustration: Jean Sebastien Poupart

I like the recognising and rememberable appeal this design has, decorating the packaging with comic -book style illustrations makes the beer cans more up attractive and distinctive. 

Busted - Form | Illustration: Paul West

I love music promotion and packaging, here is and example of the band Busted's album - Year 3000. The illustration applied to the cd and cover arent to my taste, however i like the idea of producing something with a hand rendered approach to design, I think this adds character to the album cover by adding song lyrics and credits to the design, over all it end up more original. 

Kpist: Golden Coat - Sweden Graphics

Sweden Graphics were in charge of developing the concept for the album covers for the band Kpist, The firm designed a regular album cover which included the name of the band and the title of the album  in a rich purple to make them stand out. The end result was achieved by the designer customising each box with a gold spray paint so that no cd was identical to the other. I really like this approach to design, its different, one off and far from average, a design product i will bare in mind and remember for when i am designing a range of products. 

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