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What is design for print: Study task 1


Identify a minimum of 5 examples of the effective/creative use of print in the following areas of design

- Branding and Identity

- Packaging and Promotion
- Publishing & Editorial
- Information & Way finding
You should aim to identify design work from a range of commercial/cultural references, target audiences and creative contexts. 

You will need to identify primary and secondary sources and not rely solely on web-based examples as this will encourage you to be more adventurous in your research and diverse in your findings. You will also gain a more informed understanding of the 'real world' context of the work.

Branding and Identity

Analogue are a design studio i came across not so long ago, their work has heavy influences from fashion, culture and life. They are studio i should bare in mind not only for design inspiration but because they are based in Leeds; at some point during the year i should request about a potential placement here as i'm very impressed by their work. 


Isabela Rodrigues

Isablea Rodrigues and an amazing Brazilian based design studio who have created outstanding work within the service of branding, i came across their website originally through Behance. The studio has skills in print, digital art work and illustration. The style of work they create is quite feminine, subtle and has excellent attention to detail. I have chosen a lot of images from a 'Enjoei' which they rebranded a website and all stationary for.
I particularly like this design because simple, well executed and layed out perfectly. This is something i need to consider a lot more in my work, how it is presented to an audience. 

Consideration for when all designs are final, present like this for my blog. 


Raw - Projektor
Here is a rebrand that i came across on a website called swisslegacy, there wasnt an awful lot of information about the designer however from what i could see from the designs they were intrugiing enough to blog. I love the uncomplicated logo 'RAW', in future for my designs i should consider minimalism when working in the realm of brand and identity as sometime i fine my work a little cluterred.

Hofstede Design

Dominic Hofstede is the director of Hofstede Design, i came across this agency again through the website swisslegacy. I was mainly attracted to their design work as majority of it was in black and white, their work is unusual and vivid and they use a number of techniques for final out comes, such as the laser cutter, heat press and foiling all of which are methods i with to venture within my work. 


Paul Giambarba

Paul Giambara created special edition packaging for the last original Polaroid film, i believe the packaging are now iconic products of identity of the brand. They're rememberable, simple, and limited. 


Katrina Radric

Radric is a graphic designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. I came across the ebay rebrand whilst reading a review on The global online market place ebay decided to freshen up their dynamic logo from something very iconic to a logo that reflects a brand that is quite current and contemporary. 



Anagrama is an excellent design website i came across who have developed some stunning work, as majority of the website was in Spanish i couldn't  make out much about there work however the designs said it all: Smart, absolute and not afraid to employ colour in their work.


Further examples of their branding work

Montero - Restaurant branding

Caramela - Chocolate factory 

Catalina Fernandez - Bakery branding

*Product packaging with golden hot stamping - research 

Packaging and promotion

Isabela Rodrigues

Here is some more work from Isabela Rodrigues, i'm uncertain how this work it designed, i assume photoshop, the end product looks fresh and has little perks which i am eager to add to my designs, such as elements like making the products look 3d by adding shadows and lighting to the design on screen as apposed to always photographing once finished, printed and made up. 

As i am a fan of packaging design i intend on collection as many variations of this is possible to show what can be done and how i can be inspired to develop my own packaging projects. 

Tiger of sweden

Lovely packaging for Tiger of Sweden by Lowe Brindfors and art director Noel Pretorius.


Based designed the packaging and promotional campaign for The Plus Series, which adds 566 colors to the Pantone Matching System.

Grand Touring/ Traveller's Peppermints

Here i stumbled upon an unexpected type of packaging which features wonderful illustrations and water colour painting by Stefan Majoram. The limited addition series are not what i'd say is 'my type' of design however i admire how well they are created, the emphasise of typography elements work well with the retro style packaging too.


Intrigued by the illustrator i decided to brows his blog and see what other work he had done, when i came across this, a show film following him sketch his last picture!


Stephanie Sabo - Craft beer series

I came across some students work on the packaging of the world website, and really liked it. I admired the unique and vintage look of the design, it's inspired by authors from the 19th and 20th century, i think the incorporation of iconic imagery and famous quotes suits the design and works well for it spurs as a beer label. 


Orsi Juhasz - Hold and hollo

Another design i stumbled upon was a silicone label for a wine bottle, i like idea and practically if this design, its effective and serves a convent purpose. It looks stylish and has a tactile appeal. 


Publishing and editorial 

TJ Evolette A - Design by 26 plus

I've came across the work of 26 plus a few times, and always rate how distinctive the work looks. Here is an example of how fresh and fashionable text and imagery can be played with one anther and have the result of an editorial piece. 

Examples of the typeface used: 


Connect the dots -  vote cafe

I am a huge fan of photography, elements of fashion and would love to experiment more with editorial design and employ portions of mode into my work to develop a type of style for when designing for editorial. 

Photography | Oskar Gyllensward
Photography assistance | Anna Matvyeyenko
Digital | S2-Creative
Layout | Rebecca Hawkes


Komma - Editorial 

I particularly like the work from this German designer, binding, layout and finishes is something i would like to investigate a lot more this year, this is a perfect example of a publishing piece that i would like to design. 


Bespoke - Digital

Bespoke and are a New York based digital production studio. As i am keen to become more familiar with sections of fashion i thought it would be useful to look at some studios that work in the realm of fashion photography, editorial design and publishing. Here are a few examples of the types of work i would like to produce either for myself of particular audiences. 

Layout breakdown. 


Sofie Platou - Six pockets magazine

Layout isn't my strongest point, it is an area within design that takes me a while to grasp/ make the work look good, Below is a pretty cool example of the type of layout design i would like to practice if i were to make a magazine, paying attention to the placement of imagery and text.


Information & Way finding

Ralston and Bau - Signage

As the public are the audience for information and wayfinding, a direct approach to design has to be used, fact be the design has to lead an individual from one place to the next. I particulalry like this example of design, the scale, colour and way it has been positioned in relevant places such as stairs ways, doors, windows makes it work as it serves the purpose of directing someone in a effective and unique way. 


Westerdals - Signage and environmental design

Here is an example of way finding design put into practice by using the buildings surroundings and surfaces as a design foundation it also maintains the roughness and industrial touch of the building. 


Poziom 511 - signage system for hotel

I came across a designer on behance who was commissioned to design and signage system for a hotel and spa, this type of design engages with the type of people who are planning to attend the hotel, it's creative touch and graphical art will appeal to the stylish, curious and artistic individual due to its contemporary look.


Jarek Kowalczyk - Hospital signage

Another fine example of how information and way finding can be designed and put into context, this is something i should perhaps explore in a later project.


Courthouse - way finding

The explanation of the process during the design development is what mainly attracted me to this design, overall it works, shows the step by step stage of how a person gets from a to b, i like the simple monotone colours in the design, it's not complicated and it is something i will bare in mind for when i am executing work. 


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