Thursday, 8 November 2012

Seminar 3: Panopticism

Seminar 3 
The panopticon 
- A multi functioning building 
- J. Bentham was a political phyphilosopher 
- Building purpose was of discipline and punishment (1977)
- Constantly visible, and on show to those in the central tower
- Individualises ones experience 
- A light building, opposite to the houses of correction or dungeons
- Power functions automatically with out anyone of authority having to demand it
- Automatic functioning of power
- The panopticon is the building that institutionalises you, not the people
- Constant methods of surveillance and monitoring 
- Operates purely mentally 

- A form of social control, modern disciplinary 
- CCTV, a permanent reminder of state control
- Power as reductive training
- Self regulation of docile bodies (do not rebel)
- Mass media as panopticon 

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