Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What is design for print: Commercial costings


The diverse world of commercial print requires a system that is easy to use and highly automated. Using an open (or flat) size, the system can instantly determine the most cost effective number up from all your standard sheet sizes based on quantity to be run. Combined with the ability to reduce make ready waste by using custom sheet sizes or pre-cut sheets for small quantities, the Technique Estimating solution for Commercial Print delivers instant benefit and cost savings.
If multiple products on the same stock are required then the estimator has the option to gang them together. A rich drag and drop interface helps the estimator maximise each sheet and reduce waste.
A whole host of in-line and off-line materials such as lacquer and varnish can be quickly applied together with any type of finishing, such as cutting, folding, stitching, punching, drilling, coil binding, gluing and handwork etc.
For larger runs, Technique Estimating supports reel-fed digital and sheet-fed processes including perfecting. All possibilities are automatically calculated and the most cost effective option highlighted to the estimator.
Enquiry forms can be designed for specific product Groups, ensuring sales people have a quick and simple way to submit essential information to Estimating. By reducing administration and misunderstanding, quotations can be generated faster and with greater accuracy.


The Fulfillment module provides a browser interface for customers to view their managed inventory. A full range of inventory transactions including ship, replenish, back order, pick list and kit creation are available. Customer websites/portals can be branded thereby providing a familiar look and feel for your clients. The Fulfillment module is completely integrated with rest of Technique MIS including Order Management and Inventory.

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