Sunday, 18 November 2012

What is design for print: Info pack inspiration

I have came across a few examples of work which i think are visually appealing and the idea of them would suit what i am hoping to do with my info pack. I have chosen a selection of existing works as a source of inspiration.

Warp 20

Warp Records commissioned YES to create the identity and visual material for their 20th anniversary — Warp20. The imagery we conceived aimed to reflect the iconic, ever evolving nature of the label and it’s place in British music. We comissioned the fabrication of a large scale 3D Möbius strip to be photographed in various environments around the country. In collaboration with photographic artist Dan Holdsworth 20 images were produced to mark the labels connection to the UK. The centrepiece of the project was the ‘Warp20 (Box Set)’ — a super‑deluxe, limited edition release comprising exclusive content and music in a high‑spec package.

Paul McCartney Archive Collection

In early 2010 YES were commissioned to conceive and design a series of key McCartney re‑releases. The ongoing project encompasses creative direction, branding, packaging, editorial consultancy and book design. The form of the high‑end deluxe edition (pictured) was conceived as an alternative to the more familiar, box set formats, taking inspiration from high‑end art and photography books, rather than music packaging. For each release extensive research within the McCartney archive is necessary to build a complete document of the period surrounding the original release.


Font smith celebrates 10 years in type
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of our typeface library, Fontsmith has published a limited edition box-set of booklets. Each booklet details a short story written by our typeface designers, giving an intimate insight into the creative processes and the team dynamic within the Font smith studio.

I like the way the products have been photographed, this is something i wish to do with my info pack to make it look professionally executed. 


Merchant & Mills Sewing Notions Set

Here is a small box set i came across on inspiration i like the idea of small and compact element being put together as an info - pack. 


German Graphic Deisgn
2010 » Grafikdesign » Editorial » Reflektor 3


2010 » Grafikdesign » Editorial » Plus Mal Minus


2010 » Grafikdesign » Editorial » WHY – Wally Hermès Yachts

2010 » Grafikdesign » Editorial » taugenichts | tunichtgut


2010 » Grafikdesign » Editorial » identity made by facebook


2010 » Grafikdesign » Editorial » Schwarmverhalten

2010 » Grafikdesign » Editorial » A5


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