Saturday, 17 November 2012

What is design for print: Thermographic printing


A highly cost effective way to add a gloss raised finish to all or part of printed products.

Fully compatible with laser printers.
Ideal for Invitations, business cards, letter headings and compliment slips.
We can print to bespoke order on any thickness of material.
Ideal for use in conjunction with foiling, embossing and lithography.

Technical data

Thermography is a process that applies powder to ink while the ink is wet and is heated and cured to give a high gloss raised image.

Printed sheets are passed though a powder hopper on a conveyer belt allowing the powder to stick to the wet ink.  Excess thermo powder is then vacuumed off and the sheet continues along the belt into an oven there the thermo powder becomes molten.
Whilst in it molten state the thermographed sheet is exposed to ultra violate where it is cured and is instantly dry to the touch ensuring that the finished stationery can be used through a laser print.

Applications for Thermography

Viprint have taken Thermography to new levels offering double sided and multicolour Thermography to bespoke order on any thickness of material.

One off Corporate invitations and business cards to complete corporate image re launches are common place at Viprint.
Large city banks are benefiting from our next day service.
With a firm commitment to developing Thermography to its full potential, Viprint have increased the applications for Thermography vastly.
We firmly believe that we are now world leaders in art of Thermography.

Standard Thermography

This is available in a high gloss clear finish which allows the ink colour to show through and gives a smooth raised printed finish. Solid areas have an orange peel effect. It is also available in metallic gold and silver. Thermography adds that special touch when it matters, business cards, letterheads and invitation cards being an ideal examples.
When used for letterheads it should be noted that although perfectly suitable for use with ink jet printers or other processes not involving heat, the image will melt if fed through a laser printer or photo-copier.

Laser-proof Thermography

For those who use laserprinters to output their letters it is no longer necessary to sacrifice the quality of their stationery. UV cured laser proof thermography is a newly developed thermographic finish that is safe to use. It will withstand the temperatures found in laser printers and photocopiers without being damaged. There is a growing demand for this distinctive finish, which is the only raised gloss image that is safe to use in laser printers.

- Available in a high gloss and matt finish.
- Thermography printing is perfect for Letterheads, Business cards, Compliment slip, Invitations and Covers, etc.
- The Matt finish can be used as a cheaper alternative to Die-Stamping.

Designs involving solid printed areas should be avoided as some shrinkage of the image is normal with this process and can cause distortion of the paper.

Maximum sizes
Standard thermography up to SRA3 depending upon design.
Laserproof thermography up to A4 only


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