Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Responsive brief/ Douwe Egbert: Photographs of coffee

As a starting point i thought it would be useful to go out into the shopping stores and photograph some if the existing coffee products available, i have photographed a variety of brand from Douwe Egberts to Nescafe just to see the different is jar shape, label design and what they look like as a product on the shelves to be sold.

Here are the following images:

Douwe Egberts
I have noticed that they tend to stick with a rich colour palette, keeping the essence of coffee running through there labelling and packaging by using deep colours and golden tinges. Personal preference, i don't think the logo looks great or distinctive on the jars, if anything it lets the brand down. 

Whereas kenco uses bold and attractive colours to arrest the viewers attention, they use simple imagery and place text through the centre of the labels, the most unique part of the design is the recognisable logo - kenco. 

I am not a coffee drinker but if someone was to ask me to name a coffee brand i would say Nescafe, purely because it's the one brand that i remember due to the packaging idea, it's really simple just the name of the coffee in a clear way and a cup of coffee photographed as a main part of the label. Simple yet rememberable.

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