Monday, 7 January 2013

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Conditioning your flowers

Buying flowers to display at home is a routine that many households around the UK do everyday. Some homes, blessed with good soil and ample space for a garden have flowers at their disposal, limited only by their garden size. But for others, the only option of bringing these beautiful and colourful items to their homes is through a flower shop or an online flower delivery service.
Unfortunately, people often hesitate to buy fresh flowers because they think they can't get them to last more than a couple of days. Some flowers are short-lived, but most commercially grown flowers will last at least a week if given the right treatment. Commercially grown flowers are specially treated after cutting, which means they will last longer than varieties cut from the garden.
Conditioning is the term florists use to mean getting the flowers ready for arranging. By following these few simple steps you can get extra life and pleasure from your flowers. These apply to both flowers bought in the shop and those coming straight from your garden:

- Make sure vases are very clean.
- Use fresh lukewarm water with commercial cut flower food added.
- Strip all leaves below the water level.
- Take at least 3cm (1") off all stems, making a slanted cut with a sharp knife or very sharp scissors.
- Avoid direct sunlight, heat or draughts that can shorten the flowers' life.
- Keep flowers away from fruit and remove faded flowers as they occur.
- Top up the water regularly and add flower food in proportion.


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