Saturday, 12 January 2013

Responsive/ Douwe Egberts/ Brief summary

Brief/ Aim:

My aim is to encourage consumers to buy Douwe Egberts coffee. My design concept is based around Valentines day due to the tagline ' For the love of coffee', i will create a campaign to promote the brand with a theme of 'share love, share coffee'. I will be taking inspiration from the Holmes & Marchant packaging design to create a label for the coffee jar, this will make the brand look more in sync too. As my original audience was foodies, coffee lovers, young adults age ranged 18-30, thus still being the younger generation i think the age range needs to be narrowed down to a more appropriate age range 21-30, still keeping the consumers young yet an age that will be interested in the products i plan to create. The challenge it to loosen the 'old fashioned' image of Douwe Egberts coffee and get younger people talking about it.

Design concept:

To develop a brand into a more desirable, fashionable and appreciated name. A name in the house holds of mixed generations, in particular the youngsters. Create and identity for Douwe Egberts which still holds its heritage yet provides something new to those who purchase their products. To make their coffee and talked about invention and all that comes with it too. The idea of 'occasional coffee' is to promote the luxury of gaining something more that just coffee with any purchase, a gift. Gifts are items that are received and distributed between the ones individuals care for on occasions such as Valentines, Easter, Birthdays and Christmas, a loving time between friends and family, a time when people are surrounded by home comforts. What better way to remind people of home than to provide gifts for their home through the encouragement of buying Douwe Egberts 'For the love of coffee'. A brand of coffee which has 250 years of heritage and who are keen to be more contemporary and share their expertise and provide exactly that to younger individuals through their coffee.

Design strategy:

- Create a campaign: Photograph models with fresh faces holding a Douwe Egberts cup of coffee, blowing the 'love steam'
- Raise awareness: Set up Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote the brand of coffee and the the products available.
Consider designs for a potential website, scamps, wire frames and mocks ups of content.


- Re design the Douwe Egberts coffee label, illustrate the coffee jar too.
- Design biscuits, and packaging.
- Chocolates, wrapping, chocolate bars and packaging, have a variety of designs.
- Design a Douwe Egberts love mug.
- A hamper for all gifts to go inside, consider content, size and style for designs.
- Additional gifts such as trays to have coffee on, love heart stencils for on top of coffee, free satchets of coffee.

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