Thursday, 17 January 2013

Design for print and web/ ISTD/ Best websites for gardening

According to the independent  and tree hugger there is an excellent website out there for any type of gardening query, from wild flowers to wormeries, tips to trowels, these are the following to be best rated. The reason i have chose to document these is because they may have useful links and web design ideas that i will be able to apply to my website.

Royal horticultural society

This website informs all there is to know about gardening, i'm not awfully keen on the website layout or colour choice however the content is all relevant.


Great British gardens 

I find this a less than appealing website, its bland, boring and doesn't excite me at all about the 'Great British gardens'.


The lost gardens of Heligan 

From observing this website i feel like more welcome, it has a subtle colour scheme, nothing too garish and informs viewers about lots of things to do with gardening including who they are, what they do and how you can contact them as well as a gallery to see all their hard work. 


NGS Gardens for charity 

This colour scheme is suited for its purpose, and the website is useful for what it is promoting and is easy to navigate, however none of the websites stated are remotely attractive. Considering they are promoting how great their gardens are, their websites fail to tell the viewer this. 

Something to consider, sharing options when designing my website.


Kitchen Gardeners international

 A different type of website is in use here, from garden to kitchen, the idea of using your garden to grow your own food is always an option. This websites informs you on the ins and outs of how to do so. 


You grow girl 

This is a more contemporary website which aims to gather gardeners online as a community to discuss and compare the ethics in gardening, its purpose is to educate about organic gardens, environmentalism, style affordability, art and humour. 


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