Saturday, 19 January 2013

Design for print and web/ ISTD/ Web design inspiration

I've decided to use Designspiration as my main source of web design inspiration, purely because its one of the websites i visit most and is exceptionally easy to use. I think a design strategy like this would be perfect for my website and app design. I want my website to look fresh, clean cut and hugely associated with colour, form and shape of garden life. 



  1. It’s important that a website is both fresh and clean. Why do I say so? Have you ever encountered a very colorful website with fancy graphics and design that loads fast? None, right? Having a clean and fresh website will not only make it look professional, but also load fast and make it easier to navigate. The only thing left to do is how you'll be able to post content that are of quality and can bring in a large audience.
    - Wendie Vincent

  2. Hi, Lisa. Design Inspiration is a good site reference for building a good website. However, is it enough for you to be inspired in building a website? What I mean is, don't you have any other inspiration other than that? For me, I always see my family as the source of my inspiration. Also, I do question myself about the primary things needed for one website such as: “What is my niche?”
    - Nathanial Heim