Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Responsive/ Douwe Egberts

As the idea of the brief is to raise awareness about the brand i thought the best way is to get a profile started on twitter and gain followers, for the to grasp what 

Douwe Egberts are a well known brand have been roasting and blending coffee since 1753, they hold and excellent marketing presence and wish to gain even more recognition for their range of products, ideally younger consumers, aiming to encourage individuals to have the desire to drink their fine coffee at home. 

Their mission is to 'Challenge and disrupt the category by building a dynamic brand that consumers love'.

The traditional yet modern brand are hoping to make an impact on the rising market, to make their coffee BIG.

Douwe Egberts are wanting to share their love for coffee with you and invite you to celebrate it in the same manner with the one you love.

To kick start this they're branding February, the month of yearn; valentines day is approaching and as always gifts are exchanged. For a limited time period Douwe Eberts are offering their products to you as a token which will be held in the jar of the 'Love Douwe Egberts coffee', for every coffee jar you purchase you increase the chances of receiving excellent valentines day ideas, gifts, and surprises. 

The notion behind this is to 'Share love and share coffee'. 

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