Saturday, 2 March 2013

Collaborative - D&C/ Photography - Samantha West

To gather visual research Emily and I thought the best way to collect imagery would be set up a pinterest board where by we could pin what we believed to be contemporary youth culture. We both came across images in relation to dazed and confused such as pervious entries or photo shoots published int he magazine and on the website which we thought were good for inspiration.

Below is a photographer i have been looking at, her work portrays elements of contemporary styles, what could be said to be youth and of course the idea of culture.

Firstly I looked at a photographer called Samantha West and mainly focused at her contemporary portraits. She is an American photographer from New York City who's work is inspired by bus rides, nudes, birds and vintage themes. Her work has been published in various publication such as Vanity Fair New york and Elle Japan. She has also worked with numerous advertising brand for example Forever 21. Below are a few portraits i have selected to document as a  selection of inspirational imagery.

I like the editing effects she has chose to depict in her work, the black and white invert look is very eye grabbing. 

Model poses are something Emily and I will have to consider when doing shots. 

I like how she has captured style and craze in her work, this especially is captured in the two below images, each working effectively in black and white. 


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