Friday, 8 March 2013

Collaborative - D&C/ Music videos - F+TM

Another approach to gathering research i did was looking at popular music videos, given that we are to go down the music route in our photography i thought this would be useful to gain an understanding of what can be produced.

The types of videos i have been looking at are recent releases over the past few years, the artists in them have made statements in music and the fashion industry. The likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna are brands as well as musicians, their fashion style and music promotion method has the ability to set of trends in the modern day. The influence of music is exactly what i have been looking for whilst browsing youtube to find stills which could be used to better our photography.

Firstly i looked at one of my favourite artists Florence and the machine, an indie/ art rock band recognised for the lead singers soulful voice. Many of the videos portray eccentric stories staring the lead vocalist Florence Welch.

Florence + The Machine

Cosmic Love 

When watching the video i decided to screen shot some stills, i think the collection of photographs look like they could be put into a publication themselves, this series of different imagery is something Emily and I want to capture.

I particularly like the lighting display and the smokey effects in the imagery, these are objects that we would like to use in our photographs to create curious outcomes. 

Rabbit Heart

This video resembles a lot of fairy tale aspects and has a glowing vintage look about it, in terms of fashion trends the 'vintage look' very popular and has a quirky appeal about it, often when high profile people have a taste for it it leads others to be influenced, Florence Welch is a perfect example of a trend setter.

Given that Emily and I have discussed themes to portray in our photos very much similar to how artists do in their videos, we may touch upon already used themes if they have been influential.

Throughout these stills i couldn't help but notice the overlap of imagery, i have filters for my camera which do a very similar effect, these types of experimental imagery are what could make an image stronger than the other.

You've Got The Love

You've got the love is one of Florence's older singles, the video shows festivity and celebration throughout.

The props and objects used in the video is what makes it quirky and rememberable, the get together feel of it and the glitter overload makes the video fun and exciting, an aspect what we want to show in our imagery.

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