Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Collaborative - D&C/ Photography - Paco Peregrin

Another great fashion photographer i looked at was Paco Peregrin, who is a Spanish born Photographer who's original interest was fine art. I particularly like his work because the fashion and artistic input in each shoot. The creative expression in his work is what could be useful for photographic inspiration; photography, artistic director, makeup and staging is something that can create a great image, experimentation that Emily and I will full fill.

Below are a collection of image from his website, i have chose to screen shot the work to show not only the photographs but also how they are presented on the website and what information is placed around the work in relation to the photos.

Colour coded

The layout and presentation of text and image here is useful as this could be used as an example for how we could display our photographic work in a publication or journal.


The craft pieces displayed int he images are also relevant to what we would like to create, this is a great demonstration as to how to incorporate installation and people together. 

Acid club

Although this style of photography isn't my taste, i do like the collage and composition elements used to make an image of a collection of people as apposed to a singular portrait. I also like the graphic pieces added to the image to create effect with colour.


Another collection i decided to look at was the 'Art' images Peregrin has produced, i believe these will be useful for inspiration when we need to think about makeup art, model poses and perhaps lighting. Here are a few images from Paco Peregrin's collection. 

Beautiful monster 

Alien Beauty 


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