Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Collaborative - D&C/ Photography - Solve Sundsbo

Moving in the direction of high fashion photography to get an awareness of the types of photographers out there and the kind of images they produce, i thought a great contemporary image maker to look at was Solve Sundsbo. His visually experimenting work has earned him great respect in the fashion industry, he has worked with clients such as Chanel, Cartier and gucci.

Much of his work is associated with fashion, beauty and advertising. I decided to focus on his beauty portfolio as the techniques for producing the imagery are quite intriguing. 

This projection idea is something Emily and I could experiment with, whilst i was generating ideas for final images, one of them was to use an individual and project still photos of their daily life tasks onto their face - Projection and reflection of who they are. A concept which could be experimented with. 

White Dreams

Another one of his shoots is the 2005 'White Dreams' fashion photo shoot which features Lily Cole, the doll like imagery and innocent character portrayed in the work is a reminder of Alice in Wonderland and One thousand and One Nights. 

"Norwegian fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø is known for his cutting-edge work including beautifully crafted (digitally or manually edited) dreamscapes. His unique brand of artistic photography blurs the boundaries of fashion, portrait, landscape and computer-generated animation."

These fantasy stories portrayed in his work is inspirational as we would like to have a theme or a story told in our final image in relation to contemporary youth culture. 


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