Saturday, 9 March 2013

Collaborative - D&C/ Pop culture

Rihanna is a huge name in the music industry, she is often labelled the new 'queen of pop'. She is know for her radical fashion sense, hairstyles as well as videos, the videos in particular which are very much drawn from the past yet show futuristic paths.

The Rude Boy video is clearly influenced by 80's style and has obvious inspiration by graffiti artist Jean Michael Basquiat, Basquait's crown is used throughout the video, the crown was a symbol of himself as well as others, one of respect and admiration. 

Pop art is also a huge influence for this video, the juxtaposed Rihanna lips are very much similar to Andy Warhol's art work of Marilyn Monroe, as well as the black and white trademark colour palette used by Keith Haring an artist inspired by street culture in New York similar to Basquait. The use of bold colours, lines and shape is something we need to bare in mind as we may bring aspects of street culture into our work such as graffiti as that is part of our culture today. 

I decided to extend my knowledge on Keith Haring further and look at what his art has done to modern people today. I found that his work has influenced a lot of areas whether it be music, fashion or adverting. 

Here are a few examples to show how one pattern can be distributed across many medias, to cause some what of a craze. 

Pop Culture 

Urban Outfitters

DKNY Fragrance 

Land Cruiser 




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