Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Theory into practice: Brief


Using your experiences of the  modules to date, produce a practical investigation that explores your own critical observations, thoughts and opinions relating to the context of your own developing creative practice. You should aim to visually communicate your informed findings through the selection, evaluation and presentation of appropriate primary and secondary source material, visual research and design development. In order to focus your research you are asked to select, consider and explore one of the following research themes.

Social Impact
Visual Language

You will be required to present and submit evidence of the following:
Literature Search & Review - This document will identify specific research activities, sources and methods through which you will develop an increasingly focussed investigation of clearly identified questions relating to your chosen theme. You should include sources from a broad range of subjects, media and locations including, texts, articles, websites, films, lectures, events etc.
Research & Development - You will need to demonstrate a pro-active approach to primary and secondary research practical investigation and content development/selection. Research activities, design development and contextual references should be documented on your design context blog and labelled withe the module code and and studio brief number
Production & Presentation - your response to the brief should be communicated through the production of appropriate graphic products relevant to your content, audience and individual creative concerns. Issues relating to function, context and tone of voice should be demonstrated through the ongoing documentation practical and technical development.

Background / Considerations

Having selected a theme you should aim to identify why you are interested in it and what you want to find out about it. The more specific you are at this stage the better. If you are too vague you will spend time reading and researching for no reason. It is worth  - at this stage  - formulating your initial interests in to a few short questions, and identifying specific research activities, sources and material that will help you find the answers.
Your response to this brief should reflect your understanding of the relevant  theories, principles, concepts and process explored throughout the context of practice modules so far.
The research that you have undertaken in response to the study task so far should form the basis of a practical and conceptual investigation of content, format and media in relation to appropriate audiences.
Your resolution can be print-based, screen-based or web-based, 2d 3d or 4d. It could explore the relationship between a range of media, formats and products or focus specifically on one method of delivery. 
Consider the broader social, cultural, political and historical contexts of your subject matter whilst exploring their relationship to your own creative, technical and professional concerns as a designer.
The format of your final resolution(s) should reflect your increasingly specialist understanding of graphic design and your own emerging creative practice and concerns.

Mandatory requirements 

Your response must be supported by rationale that contextualises the decisions that you have made regarding content, format and design decisions. This should be posted to your Design Context Blog.


A body practical, contextual & theoretical research & development documented on your Design Context Blog.
A clearly identified and resolved design solution In the form of fan appropriately formatted, and produced graphic product.
A written evaluation of your work in relation to the module content.

Studio deadline 

Progress Crit
Progress Presentation
Final Presentation 13/14 May 2013

Module deadline 

15 / 05 / 2013
See Estudio for further information regarding the submission formats, deadlines and processes for this module

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