Sunday, 12 May 2013

Theory into practice - Final designs

Using the imagery to work from I developed a range of patterns which I then applied to each of the nets along with informative content about the consumption of products.

Below is my range of products as a practical response from theory into practice, each have slightly altered from my original idea however they all convey the same concept.

Concept themes: Conceal, Consume, Cosmetics.

Information card

A small cue card to inform the reader the about the theme of concept and content in the bag.

A bag

The bag is a product which hides objects, often given to a consumer at the point of sale when they need to carry their purchase, its a concealer.

A cheque 

Emphasising on the concept of a cheque being a document which orders a payment of money to be taken from an individual, I designed an item which displays the average amount of money a woman spends on her essential makeup items. 

Cosmetics packaging 

Material used to protect and wrap goods inside, often displaying branding and information about the concealed products. 



Confidence is becoming something of a luxury

Consumers are bought into this vision:

 “Cosmetics are an indispensable part of our lifestyle. It is not just luxury, but perceived as a need.” 

The cosmetic industry dedicates substantial funds to maintaining this perception.

Paradoxically, in order the brand to provide this positive emotional experience, it must first cause consumers to have negative feelings about themselves, such as concern about and dissatisfaction with their appearance.



How the experience works: 

- Subtly tell them they are ugly
- Show them images of unusually beautiful women
- Acknowledgement of social comparison 
- Compare their own level of physical attractiveness with that of the models used in adverts

These comparisons give rise to negative effects in the way they perceive their own physical attractiveness and on their self-esteem.



Consumers are sold into a vision of what beauty is.

"The theory of social comparison has been used in various research studies to explain how using very attractive models in advertising can affect consumers,"

Consumers compare their own level of physical attractiveness with that of the models used in adverts.



Both the emotional and utility aspect of cosmetic brands have a significant impact on consumer satisfaction, but that the emotional component has a greater effect.

Printing and processes

I decided to print the packaging on heavy weight newsprint as the texture of the paper was easy to fold and because I wanted to foil parts of the designs, to this I had to print on the studio printer:

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