Friday, 10 May 2013

Theory into practice - Product ideas

Below are a few design sheets to show the progression in concept development. As my main topic is consumerism, I wanted to focus into something more prominent to myself as a consumer to fully understand how much money I spend on products as well as many others. Cosmetics are seen today as a necessity, I have researched thoroughly to grasp whether or not this is an opinion or fact. I have found facts, figures, statistics and reviews to state that the consumption of beauty products has increased over the years due to the advertising methods put in place to make consumers feel as though they need cosmetic products to enhance there appearance.

PUBLICATION PRODUCTS - Based on core sectors in cosmetics (makeup)

1. A cheque book - A book of cheques with your name printed on them that is given to your bank to make payments with.

The concept of the cheque book is to use it as an object to show the rise in consumption of beauty product yearly, for example when some one fills out their details on a cheque they write their name and what date it is, the dates in the cheque book will progress along with the amount of money the is consumed as the years go on.

2. Cosmetics packaging - The design of such a box or wrapping, especially with reference to its ability to attract customers.

The idea of designing the packaging for concealed products is to display information based on the consumption of beauty products, and to show what consumers are really buying for their money and not for their 'needs'. 

3. A bagA container of flexible material, such as paper, plastic, or leather, that is used for carrying or storing items.

The bag is an item which is often received at point of sale, it contains objects which a customer has purchased, the idea of designing one of these is to show the concept of purchasing goods and how they are concealed once owned. 

4. A receiptTo mark (a bill) as having been paid.

The idea behind producing a receipt is to document the amount of money spent on beauty products in a infographic style of design. 

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