Tuesday, 30 July 2013

COP 3 - Research approach

My aim is to gain as much understanding as possible about the nature of flowers and why thy mean so much to mankind in terms of their artistic form as well as their commercial value.

Research topics:

The nature of flowers and the value of their existence:
- Literally what they are
- Facts and information about flowering plants
- Historical existence
- The relation to science

The language of flowers, symbols and meanings:
- Coded messages, flowers represent words
- Literature
- Flower associations
- Global significance
- Religious attitudes

Cultural attitudes and historical revolutions:

- Flower power
- Hippies and symbolism
- War

Flowers in art and design

- Art portraying flowers (Andy Warhol, Van Gogh)
- Commercial value of art and design
- Popularity in print (fashion, interior)
- Iconic floral imagery (Laura Ashley, Cath Kitdson)

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