Sunday, 28 July 2013

COP 3 - Generating topic

To develop a strong idea I decided to do some brain storms in order to find a topic which I wanted to write my dissertation on. Here is how I started:

Topics of interest


Illustration, typography, branding, print, textiles, interior, clothing, exhibition and packaging.


Design and art, similarities and differences.
Pattern and print.
Processes and material.
Product, range and distribution.


What is graphic design?
How design evolves.
Is design the same as art?


Is design the same as art?
Is design the same as art if the intention and content are different?
Does design serve the same purpose as art?

Example: Andy Warhol created work which could be defined as art, concepts were unusual, sensation of difference, wasn't singular pieces of work, more reproduced - method and motivation was commercial. Art or design?

Following on from this I was swayed to incorporate the idea of flowers into art and design and to perhaps discover why they have always been present in art and to unpick why they always will be.

Flower issues to raise:

Seasonal - spring, summer, autumn, winter, scent, colour
Happiness - beauty
Reproduction - life, evolution, commerce
Significance - art and design
Value - what is the flower worth
Ownership - e.g who does the maple leaf belong to
Representation - colour and flower, meaning
Biology - appears in education
Literature - concept for poems and song lyrics
Popular culture - wicker man
Aromatic - used to influence mood

New questions:

Why are flowers so influential?
Why have flowers been so influential throughout the history of art and design?
Why have flowers been so influential in global culture?
Does the significance of flowers lie in artistic nature or commercial value?

Topics to investigate:

- The nature of flowers and the value of their existence
- What flowers represent and their symbolical meaning
- The use of flowers in logos, branding, marketing and reproduction

- The impact on print in the 1960's (also flower power)

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