Thursday, 12 September 2013

COP 3 - The first flower - Documentary notes

Notes from documentary:

- Flowers are essential for human life
- Enclosed seeds are a defining feature of a flowering plant in fossils
- Before flowers the world was covered in green plants such as ferns
- It takes a lot of energy for plants to produce flowers
- When and how flowers began is botany's mystery
- Hengduan mountains, China. Most temperate forest in the world for plants, many garden plants originated from there.
- Hengduan mountains - A sublime scenery
- Colours, patterns, shapes, sizes evolved
- China is the mother of all gardens, lilys and iris came from there
- Fragments of plants remain in fossils
- Flowers manage the reproductive biology for the plant, the sexual process
- Flowering plants were the first advertisers in the world, petals, pretty colours, the advertisement of male and female organs
- Flowers attract noble pollinators, to carry genetics to other flowers, a repeated process
- Survival of their own species is key
- 400,000 different species of flowering plants
- The study of plants have always been an interest to man kind
- Research collect and arrange into family trees
- "diversity of life was interconnected" - Charles Darwin
- Darwin knew there was something there which needed to be understood
- ACTG - DNA of a flower
- Ancient flowering plants did exist, just when?


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