Wednesday, 9 October 2013

COP 3 - Lecture 1

Lecture 1:

Aims synthesis 
Reflection, theory, action 

Written and academic investigation 
Design and art interrelation 
Cohesive research project, with practical and textual outcomes 
In- depth critical research 
A coherent written argument and related practical investigation 
Analysis and evaluation 
Critiqued and developed 
Has to be reflection on theory and making 
The work undertaken will reveal the students appreciation and application of research approaches and methodologies 
Method - a way of proceeding about something in a systematic or logical manner  
Methodology - the science of method, employed in particular activity 
400 hours study for a 40 credit module 
6-9000 word element 
DEADLINE 17th JAN!!!!!
14 WEEKS!!!!!!!!! 
4 hours work per day FROM NOW!!!!!!!
Try have a substantial draft submitted by XMASSSS!!!!
Knowledge and understanding: 
Demonstrate an independent critical understanding of aesthetic, cultural, historical, technological, social, political or other contexts relevant to individual subject disciplines. 
Cognitive skills:
Ability to use logic, reasoning and critical judgement to analyse ideas from a range of primary and secondary sources, and employ critical and theoretical methodologies to evaluate examples from the revenant subject discipline 
Practical and professional skills:
Evidence the capacity for undertaking a wide range of independent practical and theoretical research that demonstrates and informed application or critical, effective and testable process. 
Praxis - theory and practice 
Fill in proposal form!!!
Is the project viable!
Come to the next tutorial with as much information as possible, all research, break down to key component parts 
Creative practice ' behind ' research
Creative practice ' in front of ' research
Creative practice ' in through ' research
Creative practice ' for ' research

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