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COP 3 - Presentation

COP Presentation informative notes:

"Does the significance of flowers lie in artistic nature of commercial value?"

The nature of flowers and the value of their existence
- To start of my research I began looking into the evolution and historical significance of flowers.
- Topics like Science History Culture Symbolism 
- Gathered some interesting facts like: "the earliest fossil of a flowering plant is dating back to 125 million years ago"
- Which lead me on the Charles Darwin's fascination with flowering plants, "abominable mystery" - Charles Darwin 1879

The language of flowers:

- The influence of flowers in global culture 
- Flowers and their symbolical meaning worldwide
- Man kinds emotional connection to flowers 
- Florigraphy, which is coded messages within flowers. 
- Flowers have a symbolical meaning world wide, whether it be beauty, love, remembrance, birth or death. 
- The message conveyed through giving someone a flower can mean different words in different cultures. 
- In terms of literature looking at William Blake and William Shakepeare, 
- Look at how poets write about flowers in their work, using them as symbols and similes in their poems. Literature is art only in written form. Writers and artists both understand the connection between flowers and people. 
By the early 1800's people where using flowers as a secret message to convey their feeling to others. This was spread world wide by the 1830's.
- Red poppy means consolation 
- The use of the poppy was inspired by the Word War 1 poem ''In Flander Fields'' by John Mcrae, 1915. First used by the American Legion to commemorate american soldiers (1914-1918), and later adopted by military veteran groups in the commonwealth especially UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
- Symbols MeaningsSemiotics 
White poppies - alternatively worn to show pacifism (belief that violence, including war is unjustifiable) - peace sign is widely associated with pacifism 

Which lead me on to Social change of the 1960's:

- Revolutions 
- Historical events
- Political ideologies 
- Topics like: Flower power, how hippies embraced symbolism 
- It's rooted from the movement against the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War, demonstration started in the U.S in 1964. 
- Visited at the War Remnants Museum in Hoh Chi Minh city in vietnam, took photographs of propaganda posters from the American phase of the Vietnam War.

The influence of flowers in art and design:

Flowers have always been present and always will be present in artistic forms. 
- Some of the most influential and popular pieces of art and design are associated with flowers.
- Some examples are iconic works from William Blake, Van Goph,
- A lot of fashion designers use floral prints in their spring summer collections, theres a market and a lot of commercial value in floral prints
- in particular for interior too, very homely and pretty
- Nature Beauty Femininity 

Primary research:

- Photographic documentation of Asian flowers
- Investigating artistic, religious and cultural attitudes about flowers and comparing it with western culture 

Secondary research:

- Flower and butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum.
- Photographic documentation of flower design through historical art movements. 
- Went to a flower and butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum 
- Trip to the V&A museum, document floral design through the historical movements 

Practical side:

- Produce an exhibition where people can look, touch and smell flowers.
- Collect evidence of what people feel and think of or associate the flowers with. 
- Create publication based on the exhibition results.
- Peoples emotional connections with flowers
- Colour, size, smell and feel, look into textures (processes )
- Do some form of exhibition where people can touch, look and be emotionally connected to flowers, reminders. 
- A study on mankind's deep and emotional connection with flowers, produce a publication from the results 
- Fun and creative 
- Pin point flowers on a globe of flowers which have had associations with historical times, events, global culture
- Incorporate how flowers are globally significant for different reasons yet mean often the same thing but in different words. 
- Informative publication about flowers and mankind emotional connection to them 
to represent how flowers are significant to mankind

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