Friday, 10 January 2014

COP 3 - Final Week Plan


To complete dissertation follow this structure_


- Introduce the methodological approach, qualitative: Understanding meanings, describing experiences, evaluating ideas, beliefs and values in association with flowers.
- What data collection was carried out (primary, secondary).
- Incorporate what theory is relevant to the question.
- Write a paragraph about the language chapter.
- Elaborate more on what each chapter discuses.

Chapter 1 : Language

- Semiotics (sign, symbol, significance)
- Theorists in semiotics and linguistics
- Roland Barthes, Ferdinand de Saussure, Charles William Morris.
- British language in association to flowers.
- The language of flowers.

Chapter 2 : Culture

- Flower significance in different cultures.
- Religion and mythology.

Chapter 3 : Usage

- How flowers are used in global culture.
- Life events (weddings, funerals, christenings, birthdays)
- Case study: The significance and usage of a rose.

Chapter 4 : Value

- Flowers in commercial activity
- The floristry trade
- Fashion and textiles (history and movements)
- Embellishment and embroidery in high fashion
- Fashion houses and exspesive designs (Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Liberty London)
- How flowers are used in advertising, to promote and allure consumers in (fashion and decor magazines).
- Consumerism
- Social class

Chapter 5 : Art and Design

- Still life paintings (Dutch movement)
- Famous artists (Georgia O'keefe, Andy Warhol)
- Arts and crafts (William Morris)
- Textiles and interior (Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley)


- Keep a record along side



- Evidence of primary research

- Evidence of secondary research
- Quotes and notes from sources
- Correct referencing from all sources


- Statement of synthesis from theory to practical
- Write out practical element on a brief template from
- Blog primary and secondary research in relation to practical topic
- Evidence of practical designs
- Ongoing progress of designs
- Photographed final out come

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