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COP 3 - Practical brief and synthesis

Practical brief


An exploration of the relationship between flowers and luxury. Develop work which shows the significance of flowers in terms of value through the use of materials. Produce work which displays a link between flowers, fashion, fabric history and language. In terms of language produce something unordinary through a multitude of medias. Explore with digital design to create floral patterns inspired by luxury brands such as Liberty London as well as fashion houses, use this motivation to develop a modified typeface with the hope of updating it and reinventing it into a seasonal type design to show synthesis between flowers and communication. Consider the aspect of luxury within the typeface, by incorporating materials used in fashion such as soft cotton, silk, beads and sequins as this could ad aspects of rich flora quality by embroidering and embellishing the final outcomes. 


- Use the research carried out to explore with type manipulation and alteration to develop digital designs. 
- Show a clear understanding of the impact of floral print and application. 
- Design a series of floral prints to be applied to a typeface. 
- Use a collection of stocks as well as materials (Paper, Silk and cotton) 
- Experiment with couture by embroidering and embellishing elements of the prints and typeface.
- Document all ongoing research on blog.
- Produce design development boards as well as presentation boards.
- Blog self evaluation. 


- Analyse fashion trends.
- Show interest in current floral print design and understand who are the main marketers.
- Observe haute couture fashion houses and the designs they produce.
- Document an understanding of high fashion culture 
- Blog any processes and methods which are relevant to the chosen topic


- Ongoing documentation on blog
- Research (primary and secondary)
- Design sheets
- Summative and formative feedback from peers/ collaborator 
- Initial and final designs 
- Floral designs incorporated into type, printed and processes in a fashionable manor


Thursday 17/ 01/ 2014


The aim of the brief was to understand the comparison between flowers and communication. My dissertation question was "Does the significance of flowers lie in artistic nature or commercial value?" This question enabled me to investigate theory, language and linguistics, culture, sentimental value and commercial activity. The theory applied to my dissertation was a discussion of mankind's relationship with flowers and evaluating whether it was aesthetics or commercial value, or both be the significance.

I reflected on this and thought of a way of putting theory into practice by developing an understanding of flowers in fashion, an industry which thrives from flowers as a source of inspiration every year. Floral application to print, an appeal what a lot of fashion designers do given that flowers come and go in trends yet never go fully out of fashion.  Along with the idea of flowers within language, understanding the connecting between the two whether it be  a sentimental, theoretic, philosophical or cultural connotation.  A way of successfully showing the aspect of theory in design would be to incorporate flora and type. 

I gathered as much research as possible to influence me on the style of design from visits to the V&A gallery in London to observe the collection of floral textiles and materials gathered from all areas of the work as well as the a visit to the fashion sector which displayed the history of fashion design through the eras. Haute couture piece by Lesaige (famous Parisian couturier) and gowns embroidered by YSL. I also visited florists to compose interviews and to photograph the variety of flowers in season to use for later designing. 

Overall the design element is supposed to reflect my understanding of semiotics, the culture of flowers and the language applied to them to give them a significant meaning, this can be represented in the form of a real life flower, synthetic, a form of fabric, an object to structure a flower or a symbol to mark or write. Which concludes my idea for representing flowers through communication. 

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