Wednesday, 1 January 2014

COP 3 - Primary research - Interview with florist

Whilst at home I used the opportunity to interview one of the two florists who both run family businesses in my home town Whitehaven. I wrote a series of questions which I thought would be useful to get feedback from.

Questions & Answers

1. What attracted you to become a florist? 
The buisnsess was passed down to me from my parents, so I took on the role of being a florist because of them really. 

2. Do you feel the trade is valuable? 

3. Aside from seasonal trends is the floristry trade sustainable all year round?
We manage to make money regardless of the seasonal trends, otherwise we wouldn't be open, however Christmas and Valentines day is most popular. 

4. What do you think is the reason that makes people want to buy flowers? 
Flowers are a lovely gift to give to someone, flowers can put a smile on someones face.

5. Which is the most significant event when people purchase flowers?
Christmas, Valentines and Easter.

6. In your experience which is the most popular flower sold, and why?
Roses and carnations are very popular all year round.

7. How has your business changed in recent years?
It's been up and down, we've always manages, the business is great and we have great customers to keep us going.  

8. Given that flowers have a short life how do they maintain so much an appeal?
I don't know why so many people love flowers, I just know why I do; they smell and look nice.

The answers I received from the florist Jean were helpful in a sense however I hoped to gain more complex answers.
So I decided to email these questions to some high end florists in London with the hope of gaining some useful answers to be able to use in my dissertation. 


Sent to luxury florists in London

McQueens, Athena, Wild at heart, Scarlet and violet

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