Friday, 17 January 2014

COP 3 - Printing and materials process

Given that I was on a tight time frame I printed the main components of my work on paper to be able to work further on them. 

Sticking with the secondary colour pallet I went to the fabric show in the town centre and selected beads and threads which would be well suited to my prints and typeface. 

I began experimenting with embellishing onto paper which is a little unordinary, I liked the final outcome however I wanted to to take it further by embellishing more designs onto the prints.

I developed a floral and scattered beading styles. 

I printed off my main type face A1 and A2 along with a sample print to be able to experiment with other printing methods and processes. 

Unfortunately due to lack of time management and an error in screen printing my hopes for other experimenting didn't happen. 

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