Saturday, 4 January 2014

COP 3 - Summary

So far the research I have carried out has helped me familiarise myself on the subject of flowers, I have learned information about the origin of flowers as well as mankind's relationship with them. The research which needs to be continued will help me write my dissertation as well as give me ideas for the practical element of the COP module.


- Keep a record of reading list
- Take photographs of front covers (to remember the book)
- Photograph any useful images in the books
- Note take regularly (scan in note book and blog)
- Collect a range of sources to quote from
- Keep a record of the bibliography along side of writing
- Blog any insertional photographs in the dissertation


- Write up the practical element in a brief template and blog
- Blog any evidence of useful research
- Produce mood boards
- Presentation boards to explain synthesis between the dissertation and practical

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